Renaldo & Clara 

You have 3 and a half hours to spare? Of course you do. Following up this week’s earlier Eat The Document post, here’s its unofficial sequel, filmed during Dylan’s 1975 Rolling Thunder Revue tour of the northeast. It’s, um, something else! I wrote a somewhat harsh review of R&C last year for Not Coming To A Theater Near You, but I do think the film has its merits.  Like I said: “How to approach Renaldo & Clara, then? Mostly, I didn’t attempt to analyze the film to any great degree; I just tried to soak in the singularly strange atmosphere. And what could be stranger than Dylan selling Joan Baez to Harry Dean Stanton for a horse? Or Allen Ginsberg attempting to woo a trio of hookers with a poem?” Come on. You know you want to watch this. Take the morning off. 

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